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How I Stand On The Issues


We must stop over development in Calabasas.  Future development in our City must be required to follow our new 2030 General Plan.  All new projects must be fully vetted, first with extensive local neighborhood notice and input, and then in fair, open and thorough Planning Commission and City Council hearings.  I am a real estate attorney with 29 years of experience handling zoning, property rights and environmental law matters.  I provide pro bono legal representation for Mountains Restoration Trust and have assisted in successfully defending Calabasas open space from potential development.  I also represented the owner of the Canyon Creek affordable senior citizen apartments in Old Town Calabasas, which were approved without community opposition.

Measure "O"

I made the motion at the City Council to place Measure O on the November 2015 ballot.  Measure O will make permanent our City's important open space protections.    Measure O will maintain the requirement for a majority vote of the residents of Calabasas before any land designated for open space could be rezoned to allow development.  I urge your "YES" vote on Measure O.

Public Safety

Public safety will always be my top priority.
Our Sheriffs and Fire Fighters do an outstanding job, but the City Council must be vigilant in providing direction and oversight.  While Calabasas is consistently ranked as one of California's safest cities, we are not immune to crime.  When home burglaries increased during the recent recession, I worked to increase Sheriff's patrols and restart Neighborhood Watch groups throughout the City. I will continue to bolster our Neighborhood Watch efforts, foster cooperation between our Sheriffs and our schools, and move quickly to squelch any sign of criminal activity.  Citizen input is the key to directing our Sheriff resources to address traffic and other neighborhood safety issues.

Supporting Our Schools

Other than public safety, nothing makes Calabasas more attractive and keeps our property values high than our excellent local schools.  On the City Council, I have supported the City's funding for additional school safety, traffic control, extra curricular activities and college scholarships.  The City needs to continue to support our schools by filling some of the gaps caused by reductions in State funding. 

As a long time Calabasas Library Commissioner and on the City Council I have made sure that our state-of-the-art City library provides tutoring, homework help, technology training, enrichment programs, and college counseling assistance.

Measure "E"

         Measure E will continue the $98/year parcel tax which provides our Las Virgenes public          
         schools with over $3 Million a year in additional funding.  No new taxes will be added, only
         a continuation of the current charge.   And seniors can opt out if they so choose.  I urge your
         "YES" vote on Measure E. 

Supporting Our Seniors

         As your Mayor and City Councilmember during these past four years I have fully supported the growth
         and development of the outstanding Calabasas Savvy Seniors Programs, including the funding for the
         new Senior Enrichment Center now under construction next to City Hall.  Servicing Calabasas' aging
         community will continue to be a priority for me on the City Council.

Environmental Leadership

Calabasas continues to be a national leader on environmental issues including open space preservation, water conservation, habitat restoration and recycling, and on public health issues like second hand smoke.  On the City Council I supported the adoption of one of the country's most comprehensive local ordinances controlling cell tower installations.  I have pursued additional open space acquisitions and have proposed pilot programs to encourage Calabasas homeowners to install solar energy, water conservation devices and drought tolerant plants. 

Fiscal Watchdog

I am very proud of our City's excellent financial management.
As a member of the City Council Budget Committee, I helped implement cost controls which have resulted in balanced budgets and increased City reserves.  I have been diligent in holding the line on expenses and in making sure that the City lives within its means.  I oppose any new City taxes.  As an active member of the Calabasas City Chamber of Commerce, and as the City's representative to the Valley Industry and Commerce Association ("VICA") and to the San Fernando Valley Economic Alliance, I have made sure that Calabasas continues to welcome business, create new jobs and encourage entrepreneurship.

Citizen Input

I will continue to make sure that citizen input is the basis upon which our City operates.
  I have moved the City to provide extensive advance notice to neighbors and affected parties. During my term as Mayor the City improved its website to provide greater information to residents, launched the Calabasas App, and expanded the notice requirements for future building projects.  I will continue to affirmatively solicit citizen input through neighborhood meetings and workshops.  Our public hearings must always allow for meaningful public input and provide respect for all opinions.  Our City Commissions need to meet more often to allow early and increased opportunities for community input.